TRACK 02.The Theatre of Seven Wonders Vocal,Lyrics:foolen

“Ignoramus et ignorabimus” / Orbis tertius

Wings blown / a butterfly / drown in the dark / tower’s height / faraway / thunder

On a dreary Sunday evening,

A man paces down the sidewalk slowly in a strangers’ town,as if a camel treads down the desert.

Awaits him is a theatre in the size of a phone booth, sitting notelessly in the corner.

Endless flow of sounds and images now shift as someone else enters.

Here, the same scene is never shown twice.

A space grounded with uncertainty, carrying all mysteries and answers...a mirror of our world.

“Hey bro, yo’ new face on da’ block, check out that alien look!

We’ve got our fun in this neighbourhood;

Hit on the Limbus road, Across the fence and you’ll see,

Most wicked joint in this town——”

The Theatre of Seven Wonders,

You never know what to uncover,

Come grab a seat and watch all mysteries of the literal world,

Stories unload,

Labyrinth of seven riddles,

The creepy pictures flow like ripples,

No one would get the same visions, ignis fatuus shine on vain,

Secrets encoded

Watch out, the lights go off, blinding an unsound mind

Fizzing of spinning reel, rolling antique chair

Stunners of prophecies, blow in the wind, blow in the wind, blow in the wind

【There’s a ballerina walking in the heaven;

There is a baby born from the preacher’s head, undead;

There is a little drummer trembles in his hair locks, half-dread;

There is a robot locked in the Chinese room, misread】

Universe of seven riddles,

We brood like fireflies on the fiddles,

Some make a trip to hell, Flower of Coleridge shakes in pain,

Stories dissolve, unbearable plot holes

The cinema of seven wonders,

Oracle’s fruit or drunken gambler’s?

Come flip the page and find utter answers to the literal world,

Stories in mould

Labyrinth of seven riddles,

Footprints are shot like living fossils,

No one has second take, ambivalences’ own reaction chain,

Sequence reloads, revisable journal

——Motion encoded, invisible credits——

Cinema of seven wonders,

——Starred in a freak show——

It’s sanity brings us to wander,

——Drizzles of incidents, fulfilled——

Come grab a seat and watch all miseries of the literal world,

Stories evolve, invertible plot holes

Fin. // To be continued...?